commercial roof leak repair

When your commercial roof starts to leak, your whole business can come caving in. When that happens, look to CIG to save the day. Our scope of roof repair includes repairing damaged shingles, closing up holes, locating roof leak and dents, and more. 
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Common reasons for commercial roof leaks

•Deteriorated caulking

• Hail damage

• Shingle damage

• Holes in roofing

• Missing shingles

• Dips or valleys in slope roofing

• Ice or snow damage

• Improper roofing installation

Since Colorado is home to vicious hail storms and blizzards, your business’s roof can be vulnerable to leaks, dents, and holes due to hail damage. Even if the damage isn’t severe, failing to seek help for minor issues can lead to serious roof problems down the road. And if you wait too long, it’s possible your insurance company won’t cover the repairs due to a delay in service. Keeping that in mind, make sure to always call CIG when you suspect roof damage of any kind.

Infrared inspection

Because waiting to invest in repairs for minor roof leaks can create a ripple effect of major damage, we offer infrared thermal imaging inspection to detect any evidence of a leak. Using cutting-edge infrared thermal imaging cameras, we can locate the source of a leak, track its scope of damage, and assess what materials may have been affected. Call CIG Construction today to schedule your free infrared inspection.

Serving Westminster & beyond

While we’re based in Westminster, if you live in the metro Denver area,  from Fort Collins to Parker and beyond, we’re here to help. If you think your business’s roofing may need help, let our team help with infrared leak detection inspection.
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