Has your home recently been damaged due to a storm?

Let CIG Construction’s insurance claim specialists help you determine what costs could be covered by your insurance. CIG Construction advocates on your behalf and assist in documenting damage with a clear and complete Scope of Loss.
Storm damage roof insurance claims, as well as gutters, siding, and windows can all be covered fully or partially by your home insurance coverage. Before contacting your insurance company and filing a claim, verify and document all damage before the insurance adjuster comes out to assess damage.



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Storm Damage Roof Replacement

CIG Construction has dealt with numerous storm damage roof insurance claims and has developed a system that helps customers settle their claims as quickly, painlessly, and comprehensively as possible. A well-handled claim should and can be worry-free.

The Insurance Claim Process

INSPECTION – A CIG Construction storm claims specialist will inspect your roof, free of charge, to determine the condition of the roof. To keep a clean record and avoid premium increases, don’t file a claim until hail damage is verified. We can help review your policy and help you assess if your loss will exceed your deductible. If it is less than, or close to, your insurance deductible, filing a claim may not be in your best interest.

FILE YOUR CLAIM – If your roof and home exterior has sustained significant damage from the storm, it is important that you file this claim directly with your insurance company in a timely manner.

INSURANCE ADJUSTMENT – An insurance adjuster will contact you to schedule a date and time to inspect your home. Your CIG Construction storm claims specialist can attend the inspection as your advocate to ensure that all damage is recognized and noted.

INDEPENDENT SCOPE OF LOSS – CIG Construction will provide Scope of Loss to the insurance adjuster for storm damage roof repair/replacement as well as any additional exterior damage repair.

CLAIM APPROVAL – Once your insurance claim is approved, we will go over the details of the insurance coverage. This will allow you to ask any questions you need regarding the repair work. This is where the storm claims specialists at CIG Construction can help you understand all repairs the insurance company is covering.

REPAIRS PROCESS – When you have received the answers to your questions, we will get your roofing repair work scheduled. Your insurance company will provide payment directly to you. You will be responsible for paying the insurance check, depreciation, and deductible to the contractor. Your insurance company will require proof that the repair work was performed. CIG Construction will supply any necessary information for you.


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