Has your home recently been damaged due to a storm?

Let CIG Construction’s insurance claim specialists help you determine what costs could be covered by your insurance. CIG Construction advocates on your behalf and assist in documenting damage.
Storm damage roof insurance claims, as well as gutters, siding, and windows can all be covered fully or partially by your home insurance coverage. Before contacting your insurance company and filing a claim, verify and document all damage before the insurance adjuster comes out to assess damage.



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Roof Replacement Cost

When you decide to pay out of pocket for damage done to a roof because of storm damage, the roof replacement cost can be upwards of $7,000 or more, which is a big hit to the wallet.

CIG Construction has dealt with numerous storm damage roof insurance claims and has developed a system that helps customers settle their claims as quickly, painlessly, and comprehensively as possible without having to worry about paying so much out of pocket. A well-handled claim should and can be worry-free.

The Insurance Claim Process

  1. A CIG Construction storm damage inspector will inspect your roof, free of charge, to determine the condition of the roof.
  2. If your roof has sustained significant damage from the storm, it is important that you file this claim directly with your insurance company.
  3. An insurance adjuster will contact you to schedule a date and time to inspect your roof.
  4. Your CIG Construction storm damage inspector will attend the inspection as your advocate to ensure that all damage is recognized and noted.
  5. CIG Construction will provide an estimate to the insurance adjuster for storm damage roof repair.
  6. Upon approval of the claim, your insurance company will send you an ACV** (Actual Cash Value) check to initiate the roofing process.
  7. The roofing process begins — the existing roof will be removed and the new roof will be installed. Most roof installations can be completed the same day (weather permitting).
  8. Upon completion, CIG Construction will  provide notice of completion in order for RCV (Replacement Cost Value) to be released, if applicable.

*Act-of-Nature: Please check with your insurance company for a clear definition on what is considered an ‘act-of-nature.’

**ACV (actual cash value) is determined by subtracting the depreciated amount (which is based on the age of the roof) from the RCV (replacement cost value).

***CIG Construction uses the same estimating software used by insurance companies to determine roofing costs.

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