Large or small, new or existing, it’s never too late to add a reliable gutter system to minimize or eliminate existing or potential damage caused by uncontrolled and unmanaged water runoff. Installation of seamless gutters provides you affordable, functional protection from water damage to your foundation, exterior walls, and landscaping. In addition, your new system reduces the possibility of dry rot, mildew, oxidation, corrosion, insect infestation, and soil erosion. Seamless gutters are easy to maintain with an annual inspection and cleaning, if necessary, to maintain its original function. Seamless gutters, if properly installed, will not rust, leak, or corrode and never need painting. When properly maintained, your new system should function for 30 years or more. Whether your gutters are in need of repair or you need a new, custom-built gutter system, we have the skilled technicians to help keep your home in tip-top shape.


If your home has recently been affected by a hail storm, large hail will produce dents to gutters and downspouts. Even smaller hail accompanied by high velocity winds will produce large enough dents to cause significant damage to aluminum gutters and downspouts. Hail damaged gutters are considered cosmetic damage by your homeowner’s insurance and in most cases are covered by your insurance policy. Contact CIG Construction for a free inspection. We will assist you in documenting hail damage for your insurance claim.


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