As Colorado residents ourselves, we can understand how devastating hail storms can be to your home, family, and property. Often causing damaging leaks, dents, and other signs of instability, hail storms are known to wreak havoc on northern Colorado residents in particular.
Although we are based out of Westminster, we’re here to lend our expert eye to Colorado residents all over the Denver metro region, from Fort Collins to Parker. If your home has recently been hit by a damaging hail storm, it is vital to your structure’s integrity to seek hail damage roof repair from a quick thinking team.
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No stress, no cost, and no obligation with CIG Construction

 From fixing damage shingles to repairing holes, roof leaks, and dents, the scope of our hail damage roof repair is tailored to fit your needs. When your home gets hit and you suspect damage, it is critical you seek expert help. A minor leak can turn into a big one, and your roof could come caving in. 
Here at CIG Construction, we want to eliminate any added stressors or complications in your life following hail damage. When you suspect damage and are in need of some degree of hail damage roof repair, we’re here to help with no hang-ups.
CIG Construction offers a zero-cost, no obligation initial inspection of your home, determining if hail damage roof repair and further inspection are needed. Most importantly, our comprehensive assessment can help determine if you’re able to file a storm damage roof insurance claim.

Your partner through the complex world of insurance claims

If one of our expert inspectors recommend that you file an insurance claim for hail damage roof repair, you can enlist CIG Construction to support and defend your needs through the insurance claims process. Our team can be there when an insurance adjuster inspects your home for hail damage roof repair, ensuring the validity of your claim. With our team backed by 10+ years of real estate and contracting experience, we’ll ensure that no stone is left unturned, and no damage overlooked. Securing maximum and comprehensive coverage for your home is our top priority, putting your needs above anything else.
On top of an assigned inspector for your hail damage roof repair, we also provide access to a CIG Construction claims specialist. This individualized attention and care helps smooth out the claims process, ensuring the repairs move along quickly and efficiently. They’re focused on making sure there’s no oversight or distractions with your claim process and hail damage roof repair.

Our prompt & perceptive hail damage roof repair process

Applying a top-down approach, we inspect every area of your home or business from the ground up to determine the sight of damage. Closely monitoring the affected areas and roofing, we’re on the hunt for cracks, splits, or any visible problems. 
We let you in on our findings, giving our conclusion to the source and cause of the leak. Providing pictures if necessary allows you to see exactly what we’re talking about. 
Before any hail damage roof repair starts, we’ll provide a clear and accurate estimate of cost, as well as the most cost-effective solution. By giving you an assortment of price points and options, you can determine the course of action right for you.