Loose, missing, and broken shingles

Loose or missing flashing

Temporary patches and repairs

Excessive signs of shingle cracking, mineral shedding, and blistering

These damaged shingles need to be replaced to be certified for more than 5 years

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CIG Construction works with real estate agents and their clients to provide real estate roof certification and real estate roof inspection delivering a comprehensive inspection report. This report includes a detailed description of the roof, findings, recommendations, and life expectancy.

Roof certification inspections are performed within 1-3 business days of an order or on a rush basis when needed. CIG Construction will provide a verbal explanation of the roof inspection to the agent, usually the same day we are out. A full report prepared with image documentation is prepared and emailed. If repair work is advised, an estimate will be provided. When repair work is authorized, CIG Construction will schedule the repairs on your requested date, weather permitting). Once we complete the work, we’ll issue a “Notice of Completion”.

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CIG Construction provides real estate roof certification for COMPLete soundness and life expectancy of 5 years or more.

Real Estate Roof Certification

What is a Roof Certification for Real Estate Transactions?

Real estate roof certification is sometimes required by a mortgage company or buyer during a real estate transaction.  A home inspector or home appraiser may have raised concerns about a roof, and the lender or buyer wants assurance that the roof will not be a problem for the new homeowner.  Real estate roof certification provides assurance that there are no major issues, such as active leaks or defects with the roofing system, and also provides an estimated remaining useful life of the roof system.

Not all roofs will get a roof certification.  A roof certification inspection starts with a history of the roof, followed by physical inspection, ending with any repairs if needed. There are many factors that go into approving a roof for a 5 year roof certification—including the age of the roof, repair history, and more. The roofing contractor, who is asked to certify a roof they did not install, is looking at future liability. There are usually repairs needed to get a roof up to a certifiable level. This can be considered an additional cost to the roof certification.

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