commercial roof replacement is

an expensive headache



You shouldn’t have to deal with the inconveniences of tearing off your old roof.

Our Comercial Roof Coating

Is Like a Coating, But Better

The secret is the reinforcing fabric between each coating layer.

Gravel Roof Coating Layers

Our Reinforced Roof Coating System is RENEWABLE:

You can re-coat over the existing coating every 10 years and gain an additional 10-year warranty.

a seamless step-by-step

application process



Restore your commercial flat roof with a commercial roof coating system that can last forever.

Animation: Installation of a gravel roof coating system

old leaky roofs are costing you and your business too much money

We believe a new commercial roof shouldn’t cost so much. Keep your existing roof. Restore your commercial flat roof with a commercial roof coating system that can last forever.


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Watch step-by-step how this roof was restored without the need for disruptive roof tear off.

Video: Installation of Western Colloid Commercial Roof Coating System


COMMERCIAL roof coating options


5-Year System

5-year Foundation System

✓ No tear-off

✓ 3 layer system includes 1-ply fabric

✓ Spread out capital improvement costs

✓Provides time to budget for subsequent coatings in order to extend the system to a 10 year warrantied system.

System dry MIL: 65 (approximate)

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10-Year System

10-Year Warranty

✓ No tear-off

✓ 5 layer system includes 2-ply fabric

✓ 10-Year Hail warranty available

✓ Renewable – a refresher acrylic coat to extends the warranty for another 10 years.

System dry MIL: 115 (approximate)

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20-Year System

20-Year Warranty

✓ No tear-off

✓ 7 layer system includes 3-ply fabric

✓ 15-Yr Hail warranty available

✓ Renewable – refresher acrylic coat extends the warranty for another 10 years.

System dry MIL: 165 (approximate)

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Our reinforced roof coating systems also works over gravel roofs! 

commercial roof coating

We Understand How Frustrating It Is

To Deal With Roof Leaks

We help protect your property with commercial roof coating. 
Our team has 20 years of hands-on experience in ground-up construction. CIG Construction has been in business for 10 years serving Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and everywhere in between. We take a holistic approach and only offer you the most reliable and effective solutions for your roof needs.
  • Member of the Member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)
  • Member of the Colorado Roofing Association (CRA)
  • Certified Roof Coating Contractor
  • Gaco Roof Coating Contractor 
  • GAF Fluid Applied Roof Coating Contractor 
  • Western Colloid Roof Coating Contractor 

We’ll help you stay dry this season. And beyond.


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CIG construction Team repairing a roof
commercial roof coating

Brands That Trust Reinforced Roof Coating Systems

Business that trust CIG construction
Business that trust CIG construction
Business that trust CIG construction


Roof repairing happy client

“The roof of my veterinary clinic had several active leaks. We were getting worried about the damage the water could be causing. CIG Construction was able to stop those leaks. We have been happy with our leak-free roof ever since.”

Carrie Beck

Northside Pet Clinic
Roof repairing happy client

“CIG Construction walked us through the entire process. They were very respectful of the building and tenants. Very professional staff and great overall experience.”

Entasis Group

Architecture & Development
Roof repairing happy client

“Great service and installation provided by CIG Construction. Virtually little to no disruption to our business operations.”

Sharmain Boone

Day & Night Mechanical
western colloid roof coating contr
GAF coating contractor
NRCA CIG Construction
CRA CIG Construction
hail damage roof repair

Don’t Let Your Building’s Value Drop Any More

✓ No tear-off required: Reinforced coating is applied over your existing roof system
✓Less noise: Not tearing off your existing roof reduces noise and disruption.
✓ Less time: Installation takes half the time as traditional roof replacement systems.
✓ Environmentally friendly: Prolong the life of your existing roof. Renewable, low VOCs, and reflective – reducing energy costs.
✓ Compatibility: Our Reinforced Coating System is compatible with most existing roof systems, including gravel roof, EPDM, TPO, and BUR

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Keep your building dry.

Protect your roof with our Reinforced Roof Coating System.


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