Did your roof nearly get swept away in Colorado's recent wind storms?

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CIG Construction specializes in keeping a roof over your head, no matter what weather comes your way. With a dedicated team of experts who specialize in repairing roof damage from wind, hail, and beyond, we’ve got you covered. If your home’s roofing was recently damaged by Colorado’s harsh winds, don’t hesitate to schedule a free roof evaluation today with CIG Construction.
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Don’t judge a roof by its cover

Recently, winds as fast as 89 mph swept through Metro-Denver and its surrounding areas, possibly lifting your home’s shingles with it. And while your roof’s shingles may appear to be fine now, it is vital to make sure your system is structurally sound from the inside out. Often during wind storms, your shingles may lift and thrash from the high-speed gusts. But once the dust has settled, they may fall back into place, appearing untouched and resilient to roof damage from wind. While your roofing may appear to be in its proper place, the force of such wind can shake your system to its core, creating deep-rooted problems only an expert eye may notice. Because of this, it is crucial to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our CIG Construction team. We’ll evaluate the roof damage from wind, and make a recommendation for a plan of action.

“Is my roof damage from the wind storms covered?”

Often, the biggest question we’re asked is whether or not repairing roof damage from wind will be covered by your insurance. Homeowner’s insurance does regularly cover roof replacement and emergency temporary repairs for severe roof damage from wind, but it varies from case-to-case. No matter what the case may be, CIG Construction is your partner every step of the way. As a full-service contracting company, we can provide step-by-step support through your insurance claims process, ensuring your best interest is always top-of-mind. 

Check out our video below to get insider advice for wind damage insurance claims from our owner, Kelly Stitzer.

“Is my roof at risk?”

You may be thinking to yourself, “How am I supposed to know if my roof is at risk when roof damage from wind can be nearly undetectable?” Although we can’t give you an absolute answer until we get up there ourselves, we can let you in on a few risk factors.


If your home has a 3-tab shingle roof, your system can be especially vulnerable to roof damage from wind. Due to its design, this shingle system can be easily stripped and lifted from heavy gusts, often resulting in severe damage. 3-tab roofing is rated for 60 mph winds, making it vulnerable to higher speed winds.


If your roofing system’s wind rating isn’t up to the task, harsh Colorado winds can completely strip your roof of its function and value. Because 3-tab shingle systems are only rated for speeds up to 60 mph, your roof can’t stand up to harsh winds. For existing 3-tab shingle systems, we recommending upgrading to an architectural shingle with a higher wind rating of 80-120 mph. If you’re unsure of your roofing’s wind rating, give our team a call to schedule a free consultation.
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