Has your PROPERTY recently been damaged from a storm? WE CAN HELP IN THE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS

CIG Construction advocates on your behalf in the insurance claim process and assists in documenting damage with a clear and complete Independent Scope of Repair.

Storm damage roof insurance claims, as well as gutters, siding, and windows can all be covered fully or partially by homeowners insurance. Before contacting your insurance company and filing a claim, we will inspect and verify damage.

Start Your insurance Claim Process


CIG Construction has dealt with numerous storm damage roof insurance claims and helps customers ensure necessary repair items are included in the claim by providing a comprehensive Independent Scope of Repairs. We deliver peace of mind by assisting during the insurance claim process. A well-handled claim should and can be worry-free.

Before You File your Claim

If you think your roof or property has been damaged by a storm, contact CIG Construction to come out and inspect your property. At this point, you are not filing a claim, just starting the insurance claim process. With CIG Construction, we offer a no-cost, zero obligation inspection of your home or business to determine the appearance and likelihood of damage. We can help determine if there is verifiable damage to file an insurance claim.

Meet With Your Contractor

Next, schedule an inspection with a selected contractor. You will want to do this before an actual claim is filed. The damage may not be as great as you think. To keep a clean record and avoid premium increases, don’t file a claim until hail damage is verified. We can help review your policy and help you assess if your loss will exceed your deductible. If it is less than, or close to, your insurance deductible, filing a claim may not be in your best interest.

File Your Insurance Claim

File your insurance claim if your contractor’s scope for repairs warrants filing a claim. Your insurance company will schedule an adjuster to inspect your roof to approve and process your claim. This will be a good time to review your policy documentation and understand your policy coverage and deductible amount.

Meet With Your Adjuster

Upon request, as your contractor, we’ll be able to represent your needs and attend the adjuster meeting. In most cases the field adjuster conducts his inspection and hands off his findings to a desk adjuster. At this point of the insurance claim process the field adjuster will determine approval or denial on site.

Claim Approval

If the insurance claim is approved, we can go over the details of the insurance coverage explicitly. This will allow you to ask any questions you need regarding the repair work and the warranty the contractor will provide. At this point, our experts at CIG Construction are here to guide you through the insurance claim process and answer any questions or concerns. This step allows our claims specialists to help you understand all repairs your insurance company is covering, giving you total transparency and understanding.

Time For Project to Begin

Our Project Coordinator will be your point of contact. Details to be collect before repairs take place include shingle selection, warranty selection, as well as any ancillary repair items to be included in the scope of repairs.Your insurance company will provide payment directly to you. You will be responsible for paying for repairs and deductible to the contractor. Your insurance company will require proof that the repair work was performed. CIG Construction will supply any necessary information for you.

FREE Carbon Monoxide Dectector

With Every Storm Damage Roof Replacement

Because the safety of your family is important to us.

During storm damage roof replacement flashing around vent stacks, specifically furnace flue pipes and water heater flue pipes, if located through the roof, can unintentionally become disconnected in the attic area.

During roof replacement CIG Construction takes every precaution to keep homeowners safe.

When storm damage roof replacement is complete CIG Construction’s trained foreman examines all flue pipes. As an extra precaution CIG Construction contracts a licensed HVAC sub-contractor to perform a thorough inspection in the attic area to ensure all flue pipe connections are intact and safely venting through the roof. As an added safeguard, beginning July 4, 2018, with every storm roof replacement CIG Construction is providing homeowners with a free carbon monoxide detector.


We work with all insurance carriers so your insurance claim can be approved and processed quickly.

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