ROOF Coatings Benefits

Roof protection: Roof coatings seal the roof surface, protecting it from rain, wind damage, deterioration from dirt and dust accumulation.

Energy efficiency: White roof coatings reduces thermal transfer by reflecting searing hot sun rays away from the roof.

Low cost: Roof coating cost substantially less than roof replacement. Save money while extending the life of your roof up to 10+ years.

Quick installation: Roof coating application goes on quickly, so we won’t be hanging around your facility for weeks on end.

LEED credits: “Cool roofs” that contain elastomers can help meet LEED, ENERGY STAR and other energy code requirements.

Lightweight properties: Roof coatings is lightweight and flexible, reducing dead weight added to your roof.

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The rubber-like properties of a roof coating expand when warmed by the summer sun and return to their original state as they cool down after sunset.This intrinsic “memory” reduces the risk of hardening and cracking, making your roof last longer. 

Because these coatings reduce energy costs, you might qualify for a business tax incentive. Talk to your accountant to find out if applying a roof coating qualifies you for an energy rebate. Tax incentives further reduce the facility owner’s expense, making a roof coating even more economical.

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