The Exception to the Denver Green Roof Ordinance

As discussed in our previous post, the new Denver Green Roof Ordinance requires local business buildings of 25,000 square feet or larger to equip their roofing with a “green” system that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and urban heat buildup. This green upgrade is defined as “cool roofing,” which are cool, reflective roofing types that possess minimum solar reflectance levels as required by the ordinance. Along with a new roofing system, businesses are required to contribute additional funding to environmental efforts to remain compliant with the new law. 

While the groundbreaking new initiative is well-intentioned, it can put your business on the back burner, slowing down work flow with elaborate roofing upgrades and taking away valuable funding that keeps your business up and running. With CIG Construction’s eco-friendly exception, your business can forego any necessary compliance while extending your roof’s lifespan and improving its durability.

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What the exception entails

CIG Construction can help your business avoid hefty fees related to the Denver green roof ordinance by installing a secure roof coating onto your building. Instead of a total roof replacement that requires a roofing permit and inevitable green building compliances, a complete roof coating bypasses those stringent requirements. 

A new roof coating on your building enables your business to reduce thermal transfer and increase energy efficiency with a reflective outer layer on your system. Similar to the “cool roofs” required by the Denver green roof ordinance, this new coating on your roof helps to reduce urban heat buildup and greenhouse gas emissions, aiding the same sustainable mission enacted by the city. Only now, you can upgrade your roof, increase its efficiency, and save money while you’re at it.

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Why you should consider it

A new roof coating doesn’t just help you eliminate expenses related to the Denver green roof ordinance—it also extends the lifespan of your roof. Read on to discover the endless benefits of a new roof coating on your business.

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  • Seals roof surface from rain, wind damage, or deterioration due to dirt or dust buildup


  • Reduces thermal transfer by reflecting the sun’s hot rays away from your roof


  • Saves valued money in stark comparison to the price of a total roof replacement


  • Extends lifespan up to 10+ years with flexible rubber-like properties that reduce cracks & leaks


  • Reduces business downtime & neighborhood disruption with a quick application in 1 day


  • Helps to meet LEED, ENERGY STAR, and other energy code requirements with “cool roof” coating


  • Alleviates the weight placed on your building’s structure with lightweight & flexible coating 


  • Secures your business’s best interest with a 20 year warranty on all roof coating