4 Fast Facts on Commercial Storm Damage Roof Repair

Colorado Hail Season & Your Business:

CIG’s 4 Fast Facts on Commercial Storm Damage Roof Repair


Colorado’s hail season is looming ahead of us, and with that, the inevitable possibility of storm damage to your roof. As one of Colorado’s most trusted experts in storm damage roof repair, we thought it would be helpful to provide some insightful facts on this annual event to effectively prepare for possible damage.


1Colorado gets hit hardest by hail storms

A critical factor of potential storm damage roof repair is the area with which your business lies. There are certain locations, or hotspots, that are hit hardest during hail season, and unfortunately, Colorado gets the short end of the stick here.

According to this recent article and other key scientific sources, Colorado hail storms are not only more common, but more destructive than in other areas of the country.

This unfavorable assessment is given to the Colorful State for our high elevation and thin air quality. Due to our placement on the Front Range, Colorado businesses are set at higher elevation than other states. As such, hail stones have a shorter and faster trip to make down to the ground, making their arrival impact our area with heightened speed and force.

Hail season in Colorado is defined as the months from April 15 – September 15, with most storms hitting a peak in June.

If your business picks up momentum in the summer months, possible storm damage may result in your company taking a hit as a result of downtime, repairs, and added expense. To better prepare for this possible event, discuss maintenance and inspection options with our commercial storm damage roof repair team today.

Consult CIG Construction now to counteract the damaging effects of hail damage later. Our perceptive storm damage roof repair process ensures your business is stable and secure, with our local Colorado experts protecting your livelihood as if it were our own.


Some commercial roofing types fare better than others

There are a variety of low-slope commercial roofing types on the market today, with a few key frontrunners taking precedence as the preferred roofing option for businesses. At CIG Construction, we break down the various pros and cons associated with each roofing type, making it a priority to discuss the best options for hail-prone areas. For instance, PVC metal roofing tends to create permanent dents in your system due to hail, while asphalt roofing shingles can be quickly replaced on-site. To learn more about the most popular commercial roofing types and their associated storm damage roof repair needs, click the link below.

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If your business is already set up with a newer roofing system, we can help predict the possible storm damage roof repairs you may require this hail season based on years of local experience. That way, you can be better prepared for upcoming storm damage roof repairs, understanding the average repair timeline, costs, and insurance process ahead.

When you consult CIG Construction for commercial storm damage roof repairs, we can fully assess and inspect your system for any site of damage. From there, we will create an action plan that rapidly resolves your damage, and recommend new possible roofing types & upgrades that reinforce stability and strength through future hail storms.

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Your insurance policy may cover storm damage roof repair costs

Many Colorado insurance companies include storm damage roof repairs in their policy terms to better protect local business owners. Each policy is unique, with hidden terms and requirements that many overlook.

As such, many homeowners and business owners are not intimately aware of their storm damage roof repair terms, and often miss out on invaluable coverage that expedites the repair process.

To ensure your best interests are being represented, it is critical to find an unbiased third party that provides expert advice and unparalleled trust.

The storm damage roof repair team at CIG Construction is also deeply entrenched in the world of insurance claims guidance. With years of business experience on countless storm damage roof repair projects, we’ve gained an intimate understanding of the insurance claims process, enabling you to obtain maximum coverage and reliability. Contact our team today to discover unwavering insurance claims support and storm damage roof repair solutions.


CIG Construction is your trusted storm damage roof repair partner

CIG Construction is your local source for first-class storm damage roof repairs, advice, recommendations, and beyond. We hold multiple industry-leading standards and certifications, instilling trust and authority with every project.

  • GAF Master Elite™ Roofing Contractors
  • GAF CERTIFIED Asphalt Roofing Contractor
  • Owens Corning® Preferred Contractor
  • Gaco Western® Qualified Applicator
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Third generation contractor team

CIG Construction provides unrivaled solutions for storm damage roofing repair, insurance claims support, commercial roofing replacement, hail damage inspections, and beyond. Contact us today to set up a professional storm damage roof repair inspection and consultation at your business.

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