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4 Fast Facts on Commercial Storm Damage Roof Repair

Colorado’s hail season is looming ahead of us, and with that, the inevitable possibility of storm damage to your roof. As one of Colorado’s most trusted experts in storm damage roof repair, we thought it would be helpful to provide some insightful facts on this annual event to effectively prepare for possible damage.

Your Guide to Commercial Roofing Types

Commercial Roofing Types

When starting your business or moving to a new permanent home for your company, the decisions placed on your shoulders can be overwhelming. While seemingly mundane, choosing the right roofing system for your home is a crucial decision that must be critically considered in this stressful time.

On top of the initial roofing decisions to be made when starting a business, it is dually important that you understand the nature of your existing commercial roofing type to proactively prepare for possible damage, repairs, or total replacement. 

Your Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractors

commercial roof leak repair

CIG Construction is considered the pinnacle of commercial roofing excellence in Metro Denver.

As third-generation contractors, our skilled team has seen it all when it comes to commercial roof leaks. From minor dents to major breaks, our commercial roofing contractors provide the trust, reliability, and ingenuity your business needs to stand strong through it all.

Carbon Monoxide: the hidden danger after a hail damage roof replacement

Hail Damage Roof Replacement Pounding hail and wind storms sweeping through Denver Metro have cause severe damage to roofing systems. Insurance companies have categorized June 18, 2018 storm as a catastrophic event. In the coming months homeowners will be dealing with filing insurance claims and hiring a contractor for hail damage roof replacement. One important […]

Why Contractors Need to Deliver a Positive Customer Experience – Not Just a Quality Product

commercial roof leak repair

The customer experience is the new product. Today’s homeowners are evaluating contractors on a positive customer experience not just the quality of the product. Why construction contractors are falling short on delivering a positive customer experience? As contractors, we’re not just building and delivering a project, we must build a relationship with the customer. When […]

5 Reasons Home Sellers Are Being Proactive About Roof Inspections

Even in a hot seller’s market, hedge against inspection negotiations with a roof certification. As a real estate agent, you are always in tune with the latest housing market trends. No matter what kind of property listings you have, they all have one thing in common—a roof. A growing number of buyers expect sellers to […]