Ice Dam and Ice Dam Prevention

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What is an ice dam and what can you do to prevent one from forming, causing damage, and necessitating roof repair?

Here’s what you need to know.


What is an Ice Dam?

During the winter, snow collects on your rooftop. Because of the heat inside your home, which can collect at the peak of the roof, snow may melt and run toward the gutters.

Unfortunately, it could freeze on the way down, forming a ridge of ice along the eaves that creates a dam, preventing melting snow from running off the roof and into the gutters. The water becomes trapped and the ice dam grows and grows, becoming very heavy.

The weight of the ice dam could cause serious damage if left untreated, leading to roof repair, or even the prospect of roof replacement cost come spring. Backed up water can also leak inside. The good news is that catching ice dams early gives you the opportunity to prevent damage and save expense.

Ice Dam

Tips for Prevention

Preventing ice dams doesn’t have to be hard work, use a roof rake which can be purchased at your local hardware store to clear snow from the edge of your roof upwards of 3′-4′ after a storm. You can also have heated cables installed to the eaves to stop ice from forming.

If you find that ice dams are a recurring issue, keeping a consistent attic temperature can prevent ice dams. Insulation and ventilation are key components of maintaining proper conditions in the attic and on the roof deck. So you might want to upgrade the insulation and ventilation in your attic to ensure that heat isn’t leaking out the top of the house. As a bonus, this should help to reduce your utility bills (for heating and cooling) year-round.

Ice Dam

When to Hire Roofers

If you’re having trouble preventing or controlling ice dams on your own, it m

ay be time to hire professional help. Local roofers can h

elp you to determine the best way to prevent damage or repair any damage already done.

You definitely want to avoid roof replacement cost, and hiring knowledgeable and experienced roofers can provide the guidance and services you need to prevent the formation of ice dams or address any ice formation that has already occurred.

As you admire pretty icicles dangling overhead, keep in mind that they’re a key indicator of ice dams.


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Massive damage can be done by ice dams that aren’t properly treated, it’s best to seek out your local roofing companies that have the expertise to address the issue. Whether you’re stuck fixing damage already done or you’re hoping to prevent further damage in the coming years related to this issue, you need to find a vendor you trust. CIG Constructionhas the proper knowledge and experience dealing with ice dams will be able to offer you a variety of potential solutions to fit your needs and your price point. Finding a reputable, reliable, and affordable company to help you prevent ice dams from forming allows you to stave off future costs for repairs and roof replacement due to damage.