Navigating Through Storm Damage Contractors

CIG Construction


An often occurrence, the hail has barely stopped falling from the sky before a wave of hungry roofers in Denver and surrounding areas begin to crash at your door. With so many options literally knocking at your door, deciphering which company can best serve your roofing needs can be difficult. When a soliciting roofing service comes knocking, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • A promise to offset insurance deductibles in unlawful and considered insurance fraud in the state of Colorado. Colorado passed Senate Bill 12-038 in 2012. In many years past homeowners have been deceived and swindled by roofing companies promising to repair and replace roofs with no out of pocket costs. This legislation improves the way residential roofing contractors do business in Colorado while providing some basic protection when the next hail storm hits. Read more about Senate Bill 12-038.
  • Eagerness to begin work doesn’t equate to a job well done. Just because a roofer claims to have crew and materials on hand doesn’t mean that the job will stand up to your expectations. Take time to understand a company’s background, qualifications, and offerings before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Insurance adjuster and contractor scope of work should match up. If you will be using insurance benefits to pay for fixing roofing issues after the recent spring storms, you need to ensure that the estimation of work provided by your insurance company matches up with what your coverage allows. An experienced roofing contractor can provide insurance claims assistance can help navigate the insurance claims process.


Does it surprise you to know that out-of-town roofing companies may come flooding in after a major storm to capitalize on homeowner needs? This is one of the many reasons Colorado Senate Bill 12-038 was enacted. You’ve seen the local news stations reporting from affected neighborhoods with homeowners complaining of upwards of 10 roofing companies soliciting immediately following a storm. These companies entice homeowners with various offers . But here’s why it’s in the best interest of your home and your wallet to work with a roof repair company like CIG Construction that is an elite certified contractor.

  • “Local roofers” mean local references. It is a lot easier to check on a company’s reputation when they have already been vetted. Try the BBB!
  • Local contractors can execute more reliable warranties. Most roofing jobs include a warranty. But how difficult will it be for you to get an out-of-town contractor to come back to make additional covered repairs? Hiring a local roofer brings the peace of mind that comes with knowing, should something happen, that you are covered by a company who is firmly entrenched in the area already. A company like CIG Construction stands behind their work, so much so that they offer a 4 year preventative maintenance inspection, providing homeowners with a multi-point inspection and minor maintenance repairs ensuring the roof system stays leak free.
  • Local roofing services know local needs. Ensuring that your roof replacement meets local codes and standards is something that can be done by a company located in the Denver Metro and Fort Collins area.


Seek out an elite manufacturer certified contractor. These contractors have been vetted by the shingle manufacturer and must meet stringent guides to hold this qualification. As a GAF Master Elite contractor CIG Construction is among only 3% of roofing contractors in the Denver Metro and Fort Collins area that hold this status of certification. Some of the qualifications needed to uphold this certification are adequate licensure and insurance coverage, commitment to continuing education, and adhering to manufacturer installation standards. With this elite certification CIG Construction has the opportunity to provide the best warranty backed by the manufacturer.

As anxious as you are to begin repairing your home after the storm has passed, performing your own due diligence on company reputations, insurance coverage, and overall capabilities can make the difference between an ideal outcome or a quick and shoddy job done on your most important investment, your roof!

Get started with a free inspection today. We can assist in the insurance claims process by documenting damage with a scope of repairs to provide to your insurance company.