What To Do After a Hail Storm

CIG Construction

Hail Damage
Hail is exceptionally damaging to nearly all parts of your home. Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover all types of storm damage. Call them to make sure you have the best coverage possible before the next big storm hits.

Wind Damage
Wind itself is a very damaging element. It can lift shingles and cause shingles to blow off, compromising the roofing system.

Storm Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance – 5 Steps To Take If You’ve Been Affected By A Hail Storm

Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover the types of storms we see here in the greater Denver area. Here are 5 steps to take immediately following a storm:

  1. After the storm, step outside and take pictures of the damage as well as the hail in the yard and sidewalk – collateral damage such as fallen or down branches is an indicator of the severity of the storm.
  2. Lay a ruler next to the hail so your insurance representative can see the size.
  3. Look for signs of obvious roof damage and take pictures of it – asphalt granules around the home and in gutters is a sign of possible hail damage to your roof. Missing or blown off shingles is a sign of possible wind damage.
  4. Look in your attic for signs of a leak in case damage has already been done.
  5. Contact us to inspect the damage. Do your visual inspection from the ground, call us to inspect your roof.

CIG Construction will advocate for you in your storm damage roof insurance claim. We will inspect for damage free of charge. We will work with your insurance adjuster to document damage that has been done and help you get the needed funds to make the repairs.

CIG Construction has an office in Westminster and one in Fort Collins. We provide several construction related services to area homeowners, including storm damage roof repair. Call us at (720)897-1710 or (970)999-1177 for a free inspection if you have been affected by a recent storm.