5 Reasons For a Roof Certification Before Listing Your House

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As a real estate agent, you are always in tune with the latest housing market trends. No matter what kind of property listings you have, they all have one thing in common—a roof. A growing number of buyers expect sellers to provide a roof certification that the roof has a useful life of at least five years.
Listing agents should encourage clients to schedule a roof inspection, a professional evaluation that authenticates the roof’s integrity. Sellers will have forewarning if they need to make repairs and buyers will feel confident they are making a sound investment. Here are five reasons why a roof inspection is a must for your clients-

1. Partner with a Certified Professional
Roofs only get a cursory glance during a general home inspection, even though there are a number of issues that can’t be spotted from the ground. Also keep in mind that general home inspectors are not roof experts and are not required to step onto the roof to inspect it. General home inspectors will often recommend a roof inspection conducted by a certified roofing contractor who is trained to spot damaged or deteriorating roof materials and related components like gutters and flashing.

2. Avoid Costly Surprises
No one likes surprises and residential roofs can be a stressful source of unexpected repairs. Sellers and buyers alike will have better peace of mind if the roof has been properly inspected. Even if no issues are detected, it is a good idea to have preventative roof maintenance performed. Potential buyers will feel more secure about making an offer when they know a roof has been properly maintained.

3. Retain Negotiating Power
If roof repairs are found after the general inspection, buyers often take this opportunity to negotiate for a large repair. This can be avoided if a roof inspection is done in advance of listing the home. Sellers should have the opportunity to resolve roof issues before going to market or be prepared to provide a credit to the buyer for repairs.

4. Prevent Delay of Close
If there is a roof deficiency that needs to be remedied, time is of the essence. The inspection contingency period is a fairly short window of time. Additional specialty inspections and repairs will only delay the transaction. For example, when hail damage is discovered the seller will have to file an insurance claim. Because this is a separate negotiation with the homeowners insurance company, the insurance claim process is often time consuming. Once the claim is approved, additional time is needed to coordinate contractors and have the repairs completed. Create a buffer of time by scheduling the roof inspection before the home is listed.

5. Offer 5-Year Certification

Many buyers are requesting 5-year roof certification. Some mortgage lenders also stipulate a roof certification for financing. Using data gathered during the roof inspection, a roof certification act as a voucher that the roof has a minimum useful life of 2-5 years. 

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CIG Construction roof inspectors are GAF Master Elite certified.

Our 40-point inspection covers all residential roof types, including flashing, gutters, downspouts, skylights, ventilation boxes, and attic insulation. Homeowners are provided with a full report that documents wear and tear, hail damage, biological growth, and other signs of deterioration.

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