The Importance of Roof Maintenance and Preventative Roof Leak Repair

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If you’ve read our previous blogs, then you know how important we think residential roof maintenance is for your home. If you don’t maintain your roof properly or perform preventative roof repairs, the chance of premature roof replacement gets higher by the day. In addition to providing your roof with the maintenance it needs, it’s also essential to make sure that you fix repairs promptly. CIG Construction has an affordable residential roof maintenance package, read more about it here.

Three reasons it is important to stay on top of residential roof maintenance and preventative roof repairs.

  • Damage – Roofing problems often start out small and become more severe over time. The longer you wait to get the roof repairs that you need, the more damage you are likely to have on your hands when you do get the repair done.
  • Cost – Smaller repairs are easier and, consequently, more affordable to take care of than bigger repairs. Prompt roof repairs at the first sign of trouble, ends up being more cost effective in the long run.
  • Warranty – The last thing any homeowner wants is to inadvertently void the roof warranty. When necessary roof maintenance is deferred, neglect can make roofing issues more severe and expensive, which can void the roof warranty.
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What can you do to stay on top of roofing repairs?

Now that you know why it’s important not to put off the roofing repairs that you need, you need to know how to stay on top of them. Roofing issues aren’t always obvious to homeowners, and these tips will help you catch them early so that you can get the prompt repairs you need:

#1. Keep an eye on your roof.

You don’t need to get on top of your roof to catch roofing problems before they get out of hand. Invest in a pair of binoculars and keep an eye on your roof to watch out for signs of damage from the ground. While this isn’t a perfect solution for catching all roofing issues, if you do it regularly enough, it can alert you to any changes in your roof that may be cause for concern, like missing shingles or finding shingle granules in your gutters.

#2. Schedule regular roofing inspections.

The professionals can catch roofing issues that you may have missed in your own inspection, and it’s important to get professional roofing inspections done on a regular basis. Roofing inspections can help you to keep your warranty intact, catch small issues before they cause a lot of damage and get professional advice on how to care for your roof properly. You should schedule an inspection on your roof twice a year: once before winter and once after winter. This way, you can ensure that your roof is ready to take on the harsh weather that winter brings and that any damage caused during the winter can be corrected as soon as possible.

#3. Don’t procrastinate when you need repairs.

The most important thing you can do to stay on top of your roof repairs is to avoid procrastinating when there is an issue with your roof. Waiting to get the roof repairs you need will only lead to an increase in damage and cost, and you won’t be doing yourself any favors by procrastinating.

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